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Hormone Balance Self-Test Kit


Sex hormones impact both men and women at any age. An imbalance can cause a range of symptoms from skin blemishes, fatigue, brain fog, mood changes, hot flashes, sweats, loss of muscle mass, weight gain and change in sex drive.

A simple saliva test can measure these hormones, which affect your physical and mental well-being. Discover if you’re out of balance.



Hormonal imbalance can occur during different stages of one’s life

Learn to modify your hormone levels toward better balance:

• Sexual Hormones: Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA

What’s in your kit

• 1 saliva collection tube
• 1 saliva sample bag
• Instructions sheet
• Pre-paid return shipping

Review session

• 30 minutes with a health coach

Once your results are in and uploaded to your Patient Health Record, MyWellnessFile, you will be booked for a video conference review.

Your health coach will provide a diet and hormonal supplement strategy to improve your sex hormone balance.

Watch this how-to video

Step-by-step video on how to collect your saliva sample: CLICK HERE

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Shipping and processing are not available to New York State residents.
Refund and Recollection Policy: There are no refunds on testing kits. If your sample is rejected because the collection was completed incorrectly, a replacement kit fee will apply.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 1.25 × 6.25 in
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