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Dark Chocolate Supplement – Radiant (Fx Chocolate)


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Hair, Skin and Nails formula.

Feed your hair: Indulge in this hair, skin, and nails support supplement made from dark chocolate, black and red currants, bamboo extract, astaxanthin, antioxidants, and nourishing vitamins.

Berry-powered skin care: Red and black currant berries serve as an antioxidant supplement containing iron, vitamin K, and vitamin C to support hydrated skin and healthy collagen production.*

Build with bamboo: Bamboo extract contains silica, an essential metabolic mineral gaining traction among minerals and vitamins for hair growth. It supports hair + nail strength to maximize shine.*

Bloom with algae: Algae-synthesized Astaxanthin supplements as an important antioxidant helping maintain radiant skin tone, reduce moisture loss, and function as an all-encompassing skin supplement.*

Recommended Use: Take 1 square of Fx Radiant per day. Can take up to 2 squares per day as needed.

Made on equipment shared with nuts and milk.

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